Jeff Gregori (Guitar/Vocals)

Jeff Gregori (self-taught guitarist and singer) founded what was the beginning of the Junkyard Band at 4315 Landis Avenue (a.k.a. The 4315 Club) in Sea Isle City, NJ. The seeds were planted in the Summer of '93, when Jeff and original JYB members, Chris Preston (drums) and Bob Toner (bass), literally found a drum set in the trash after a Springfield Inn happy hour and proceeded to jam for friends. The "Junkyard Band" name began to stick. At this point, the JYB remained just a great party until at Jeff's urging, lifelong friend and fellow Stones-like guitarist, Steve Tulli joined the band with the necessary leadership that has taken the JYB to the "Legendary World Famous" level. The rest, as they say, . . . is history!